Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today dear Sister, as you walk down the aisle
You'll see all the faces wearing a smile.
But as we remember those young tender years
Our smiles will conceal a few hidden tears.
It isn't through sadness , it's emotion that swirls
As we think back to us being two little girls
And now you have grown and make me feel proud
As you smile for the camera and the rest of the crowd
Remember dear Amanda as you become a new wife
You're still very much, a part of my life!
I'm not losing a sister, but gaining a brother,
As husband and wife, you'll adore one another
So be blissfully happy and enjoy your 'Big Day'
Have a wonderful marriage with a rose strewn way!
I love you, Baby Sis

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Lancer and Amanda said...

awww that was so touching, Im gonna miss being here with everyone it is going to be hard to leave my family but its what i wanted and im sticking to it. We have gotten so close this past year and it sucks that im leaving, your by far gonna be the hardest one to leave. I'll miss you but i will be back for good in a few years i promise!