Monday, August 17, 2009

Needless to say, the creation of The Bencomo Bunch blog was done by my newly married baby sister. So "Thank you baby sis."

With this first post of mine, I guess I'll just summerize the past 3-5 years.

2005 is the year everything really started. Cisco and I started dating, I got pregnant with our first child, Alana, and Cisco proposed.

2006 wasn't as eventful. I graduated High School, Cisco and I moved into our first apartment together, and I gave birth to Alana Lynn Bencomo.

2007 we pretty much just took a year trying to figure out how to merge our two life style to create a new life style for our new family.

2008 we realized that we couldn't imagine life without one another and decided to make everything official by getting married.

and so far in 2009 the only really big news is the arrival of the newest addition to the Bencomo bunch, our son, Francisco Hector Bencomo.

I think that covers START to PRESANT time for The Bencomo Bunch. I'm excited to share the rest of our life as time goes on.

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Lancer and Amanda said...

awww see your a natural at blogging i LOVE it!!!